Architectural  Office Korrus Private Limited Company

r.k 11151966

Swedbank a/a 22 102 846 4711

Architectural  Office Korrus Private Limited Company was founded in 2005. Our area of activity involves architectural and construction design, preparation of  general and detailed plans, internal design, construction related consultations, management of construction projects and construction and copyright supervision. For designing utility systems and solving more specific tasks, we involve in our team engineers and designers with whom we have reliable cooperation experience.

Architectural Office Korrus Private Limited Company owns a liability insurance policy of professional activities and registrations  EEP000617 and EEO000703 in the register of economic activities, as well as activity licence No VS 45/2002-P in the field of heritage conservation.  Our responsible architects are active members of the Union of Estonian Architects and owners of the professional certificate Authorized Architect IV. In their work, they use licenced design software: ArchiCAD, Artlantis Render, Graphisoft EcoDesigner.

Aigar Roht

Architect, founder and partner

Tel. +372 5263 226


Indrek Kallas

Architect, founder ja partner

Tel. +372 5216 998


Argo Roht

Project Manager

Tel. +372 5548 499


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